Copywriting, the ultimate way to make an impact?

Copywriting, simply explained #1

19th MARCH 2024

Copywriting, simply explained

Either you have heard of it, or you might draw a blank when you hear the word ‘copywriting’. If you are not familiar with it yet, chances are you think it is about something legal. In that case, you are thinking of ‘copyright’, and not ‘copywriter’. Small nuance, huge difference. Because copywriting can help you get ahead in life. And I’ll be telling you how in a new series of articles. Just like that. Free and at no charge. Pinky promise. 

Copywriting, what's that?

“Copywriters write persuasive texts.”

There you have it: that basically tells you everything you need to know. No more need for Wikipedia. Copywriters write (hence ‘writer’) texts (or ‘copy’). Yet these writers are a distinct species. They persuade the reader to take action. And in doing so, they make themselves uniquely different from a traditional writer. Did you buy a reading book only to have it gather dust on the bookshelf? That author is not worried about that (his ego maybe, but the money is in). A copywriter’s texts however, need to be read before they can (maybe) achieve their goals.

“Copywriters are smooth operators.”

You won’t find that on Wikipedia. Yet it is a simple truth: we are slippery as eels. When a copywriter fires a text at you, you can be sure they know you inside out. We understand the audience we want to reach – where they are, when they are online and why. And we know exactly what we want to achieve once you’ve read our text. To that end, rest assured that we weigh our words carefully so that our message triggers.

“Copywriting can change lives, including yours.”

And that’s not clickbait*, promise. Copywriting can positively affect your everyday life, even if marketing isn’ part of your job/life. Persuasive wording can help you get hired, get that pay rise or even convince your partner not to do those dishes after all.

*PS Speaking of clickbait, I’ll be talking about that together with clichés in a future article.

“Copywriting goes beyond text and words. It is the voice that gives a brand or person character and inspires people to take a certain action.”

Become a talented copywriter yourself, free and without charge

In the coming weeks, I will guide you through the world of copywriting and marketing. I will share useful tips on topics such as the correct use of language, creating unforgettable texts and how to (not) use AI. Real tips, which you can use straight away without ever having to pay anything. Moreover, I look at it all from different perspectives. For instance, as a student, entrepreneur, job applicant (or employer) and marketer, I will be more than happy to give you some essentials that can make a difference for you. And before you know it, you’ll be writing texts with the right spice.

Disclaimer: Actually, I should have started with this. You may not consider these articles as good examples of copywriting. I ignore numerous rules. I don’t use call-to-action, sell services or spam you with 5,000 emails. It’s just that my notebooks were getting too chaotic with random ideas and visions of copywriting and marketing. It was high time I started compiling them into structured articles. And you are reading the result now. Appointment for the first real tips next Thursday!

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Copywriting can save your life. Because writing with a good dash of spice, creates impact. And there’s good news: there’s a copywriter in everyone!

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